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Gorgeous Natasha Blasick, an actress from “All Star Weekend”, has been photographed throwing out her Christmas tree and wearing nothing but a shirt and underwear, clearly exposing her tight butt.

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Sexy Natasha Blasick pictures from Marina Del Rey, 06/19/2018. The girl looked sensational, that’s all we have to say. If you don’t know Natasha, she’s a Ukranian-born actress. Of sorts.

Natasha Blasick does a new sexy photoshoot in a yellow tiny bikini in Malibu, 04/17/2018. Natasha Blasick is an Ukrainian-born American film actress, producer, artist, fashion model, and musician.

Natasha Blasick flashes her panties (upskirt) out in Hollywood, 02/28/2018. Natasha Blasick is an actress.

Actress Natasha Blasick gets ready for the Screen Actors Guild Awards in Los Angeles, 01/21/2018.