Maura Higgins cleavage pictures from the Off Limits Entertainment Christmas party at Savage Garden in London, 12/18/2019. She looks pouty and sexy, no doubt about it. Have fun with these pictures.

Sexy Maura Higgins pictures from the Press Launch for the new series of Dancing On Ice in Hemel Hempstead, UK, 12/09/2019. That backless dress is real sexy, no doubt about it.

Maura Higgins braless pictures from the Spectacle Wearer of the Year Awards held at Grand Hotel, 8 Northumberland Avenue, in London, 10/08/2019. It’s a very porn-y look, but we love it.

Maura Higgins sexy pictures from Tape Nightclub in Mayfair, 08/27/2019. The dark-haired hottie does look incredible in her green dress, there’s little to no doubt about it. Enjoy the pictures here.