Interesting Facts About Hentai

What’s hentai? Why is it so popular all over the world? There are many questions to be asked about this pornographic genre, there are many answers that lead to even more questions.
For today, though, we are going to focus on random facts that everyone should know!

Pixelization Has Everything to Do with a Law

Believe it or not, there are actual naughty bits underneath those annoying pixels. The way hentai pictures or videos are created, the pixels are only added in “post-production,” to borrow a movie term. There are actual people that work on hiding the nitty-gritty of it all, which must be a pretty hot job (first few times).
What’s interesting is that you can probably find the uncensored version of your favorite scene/drawing/series if you actually know how to Google it. Most “uncensored HENTAINAME” searches lead you directly to different hentai websites, so you might as well right away.

And yes, as mentioned in the subtitle, the Japanese laws forbid the production of non-pixelated porn flicks, so it’s not an artistic choice.

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Julia Rose & Alexis Clark Topless

Julia Rose & Alexis Clark topless pictures from Shagmag October 2019 Issue 8. This photoshoot feels kind of overproduced with all the different elements that don’t really gel together. Enjoy the pics tho.


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